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What is ‘Prana Fresca’?

The name "Prana Fresca" contains so much meaning to it. I realize that not many people understand the magnitude and complexity of a seemingly simple name that, yes, sounds very much like my own name-- Francesca P.; however, I am here to explain the real meaning. The term 'prana' is all over these days. It's… Continue reading What is ‘Prana Fresca’?

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And now… Yoga Philosophy

When you think of Yoga, you might think about "crazy" poses that you could never imagine getting yourself into. In Sanskrit we call the physical postures of yoga "asana." Some of the poses look really cool, don't get me wrong. Additionally, what you don't see all the time is the stretching and strengthening that folks… Continue reading And now… Yoga Philosophy

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Universal Truths

There are such things as Universal Truth. No matter what part of the world you hail from, you understand these to be true. Like energy attracts like energy. That is, what you put out is what you are going to get back. In schools we talk to our children about how attitudes are contagious and… Continue reading Universal Truths