Private Offerings

Reiki Chakra Balancing
Energy healing with crystals to balance your chakras, leaving clients feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Angel Card Reading
30 minute session. Receive guidance from the Angels during a virtual appointment with Frankie.

*Angel Card Reading via E-mail
Receive guidance from the Angels without the virtual appointment. Send a question/concern you need guidance on and receive analysis and picture of cards via e-mail.

Virtual Breathwork + Meditation
30 minute session. Need to let go? Create more Mindfulness or Positivity in your life? Let’s chat about what your goals are for yourself and how I can help you meet them. 

Virtual Yoga Session
45 or 75 minutes session. Sessions are customized to focus on your needs. We will meet beforehand and discuss your goals. Each session is intuitively driven and typically includes one short Angel Card Message, breathwork + meditation, yoga poses, and homework to help you reach your goals. 

In-Person Private Yoga Session
This is a one-hour service, similar to a virtual session, except you will receive more hands on instruction. Available in North/Central New Jersey. Location will be discussed prior to booking session.