And now… Yoga Philosophy

When you think of Yoga, you might think about “crazy” poses that you could never imagine getting yourself into. In Sanskrit we call the physical postures of yoga “asana.” Some of the poses look really cool, don’t get me wrong. Additionally, what you don’t see all the time is the stretching and strengthening that folks

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Universal Truths

There are such things as Universal Truth. No matter what part of the world you hail from, you understand these to be true. Like energy attracts like energy. That is, what you put out is what you are going to get back. In schools we talk to our children about how attitudes are contagious and

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Clearing Negative Energy

Okay, if you haven’t hear the term before you’re probably scratching your head or wondering what I’m talking about. Or maybe you have heard about this loosely over the interwebs. Or maybe you are a seasoned sager. No matter where you are in your knowledge of energy clearing, it is okay. Have you ever felt

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A World in Crisis

Our world is in crisis. Earth is in crisis. Our people are in crisis. We are all interconnected. With one another. With the Earth and our natural environments, both near and far. Don’t believe me? Do a little research and start enlightening yourself. There are such an array of topics that scream crisis. Environmentally and

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What is Yoga?

What is Yoga? That is a loaded question, yet so simple. Yoga is Everything. To me, it has been different things to me during different times in my life. My yoga practice and its overall meaning has shifted over the years, as I have grown and evolved as a person. It is super interesting to

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Mindfulness for Stress Relief

Got stress? I don’t know anyone who doesn’t! But seriously, we all experience stress in so many areas of our lives. We also cope with stress in all sorts of ways. What are some ways you’ve been dealing with stress? Have you been dealing with it? The answer to this question can be complicated— you

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Listen to your body…

Listen to your body. My mom always told me that when I was younger. I never knew what she meant. I never stopped and actually thought about it. Noticed all the different ways my body felt. I mean, I did, I do, of course, you know, feel the cramps of the menstrual period, as a

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Here we go again…

Isn’t there a saying— that the definition of insanity when a person keeps doing the same process but expecting different results? Something to that effect. This isn’t my first blog or website. I took a C++ coding class back in high school, so I understand very minimally about code. However, I do know that it

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