What is ‘Prana Fresca’?

The name “Prana Fresca” contains so much meaning to it. I realize that not many people understand the magnitude and complexity of a seemingly simple name that, yes, sounds very much like my own name– Francesca P.; however, I am here to explain the real meaning.

The term ‘prana’ is all over these days. It’s in the name of many clothing companies and included in the names of a multitude of other companies as a way to sound more “cultural” to the crowd they are trying to appeal to or just to the modern day culture that is always looking on the next bandwagon to hop onto. This culture that is trying to be appealed to, that I am referring to, is actually a branch of the religious world called Hinduism. This may or may not be a term you’ve heard before, or thought much about where it comes from. Or maybe you have. I believe knowing the origin of words is so special. It originates from the Sanskrit language, which is has been around for well over 4,000 years and have researched up to 10,000 years. And almost every single tradition on this Earth has a word to specifically capture ‘prana’ within their own language.

Prana is a term that literally means “breath” and is considered a life-giving force. When we breathe in vital oxygen, this is a life force that keeps us alive. The “life-force” that courses through our very existence is prana. It is a universal energy that flows within and around the body. Yes, we are talking spirituality here. This is the basic understanding of prana. All living things have their own prana– from the trees and grass to Humans to our Mother Earth. And no, you cannot see prana.

It is the energy that flows within us and gets further broken down. It is explained in great detail through our energetic system call the ‘chakra system.’ We have seven main chakras that begin at the base of the spine, keeping us grounded and rooted both to our individuality and through the top most crown chakra to our connections with the Divine. Of course, there are other chakras besides the big seven, but those are what you will hear about the most. Within the body are also meridians, which are energy lines that flow through the body, sort of like a subway system. There are twelve major meridians that run on each side of the body, with one side mirroring the other side. Yes, the Earth has its own chakras and meridians too!

The energy that flows around us also has its own study. We call it the aura. The aura is the energetic field that is generated and surrounded by a person, thing or place. The aura connects to the chakra systems. The aura can extend out from the body a few inches or a few feet and change in color, depending on what we are experiencing in life. If you can remember being around an individual and just got a strange feeling about them, this is how we are able to “feel” other peoples energy or vibes. Listen to your instincts. If we tune into our energetic systems, one can gain a sense of their overall quality of life– spiritually, physically, and emotionally, as they can give clues to the health of these different areas in our lives.

Fresca is a term that means “fresh” in Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. Yes, its a play on my name but even as I write this, I think about how profound of a word I chose that is connected to three languages– a trifecta, just like the holy trinity aka the father, son, and holy spirit OR the body, mind, and spirit. The power of three is always around us.

So if we put the two terms “Prana Fresca” together, it not only is a play on my name but also means fresh breath or fresh life force energy. This is the bane of our very existence. This beautiful, loving and fresh energy that sustains, not only us as individuals, but every living thing seen and unseen. Everything is connected, even more than we realize.

If you have made it to the end of this article, do me one favor. Close your eyes. Inhale through your nose, then exhale out through your nose. Do this several times and focus on the feeling of the air at the tip of the nose as it flows through the nostrils. How many times have you sat and noticed this small act before? It is small, yet so profound. It is the very thing that keeps you going in all of the moments that accumulate to form your life and experiences.

Place your hand over your heart’s center. Say ‘thank you’ (either aloud or in your head) to the oxygen for flowing through your body. Say ‘thank you’ to your nose and lungs and heart, in an act of gratitude towards yourself on this day or evening.

Today, and everyday, is a wonderful to be alive!

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